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George Ward Tjungurrayi

$ 1,275.00 AUD
500mm x 1000mm
Acrylic on Canvas
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Like words, art can be used to represent a visual language, a powerful tool to pass down personal and cultural histories. Like a book, each painting holds its own intangible story. George Tjungurrayi Ward shares with us his tjukurrpa dreaming about the tingarri men, women and children travelling from rock hole to rock hole. Mr Ward's works can be read not only as visual histories but also that of landscapes and maps of his country. Through the years Mr Ward articulates and repeats this dreaming in various ways, while maintaining its intrinsic link to country. Mr Ward is a well respected artist and senior desert man based in Warakurna, Ngaanyatjarra Lands WA. Throughout the lands, the Ngaanyatjarra language remains the primary languages proudly spoken. Where cultures and language barriers intersect; these moving art works speak volumes that are universal, representing the unbreakable connection between the desert people and their country. The tingarri* people, men, women and children travelled north through Wirrintjunku, Pukaritjarra, Tarkal, Nyun and Kirritji as they move toward Tjukurla. Tingarri Song Cycle depicting the route of dreamtime people who travelled from the sea near Port Hedland to the northern part of the central desert. It also refers to the route and to the dreamtime people who followed that route. Tjukurrpa - Physical feature or part of the countryside associated with a dreamtime story; Character from a dreamtime story. (From Ngaanyatjarra and Ngaatjatjarra to English Dictionary, IAD Press)
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