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Rocky William Porter

Rocky Porter was born in Warburton while his family were on holiday from Docker River in 1972. He attended high school at CAPS Coolgardie in 1982 and recalls spending his free time playing space invaders at the local arcade with friends. He now lives with his extended family in Warakurna. Rocky began to paint with Warakurna Artists in 2018 and has quickly developed a distinctive artistic style and subject matter. He has been a life-long fan of Elvis Presley and often paints renditions of iconic moments throughout his career. Rocky also enjoys singing and performing and has been a DJ for CAMA radio and helped to coordinate concerts in Warakurna. In addition to Elvis, Rocky also chronicles the career highlights of the Australian county musician, Lindsay Butler. Other influences include the “Golden Age” of Western cinema and various 1980’s action thrillers. Rocky often likens his own life to that of the 1954 Western, Apache. Rocky’s unique artistic vision interfaces with pop-culture on a level that is both a confronting and ironic celebration of Tjukurrpa and pop-culture.

Elvis at the Rodeo
508mm x 508mm
Acrylic on Canvas
Skull with Flames
500mm x 500mm
Acrylic on Canvas
When Elvis was Young
305mm x 760mm
Acrylic on Canvas
Elvis the Star
760mm x 760mm
Acrylic on Canvas